41 Degrees

Last night Indi and I splurged on the new cocktail/”snacks” bar, 41 Degrees, in Barcelona that is owned by Ferran and Albert Adrià. The reservation-only bar is attached to the impossible to get into restaurant Tickets, which has been the subject of much talk since El Bulli closed. 41 Degrees incorporates many of the tapas from El Bulli into its menu, making it an especially exciting dinner. These are the “snacks” we indulged in (with photos): olives stuffed with anchovies (or something vaguely resembling an olive until it explodes into liquid as soon as your tongue touches it); crispy prawns with saffron (aka prawn rice crispies); smoked beef toast with rye bread, cream cheese, vinegar powder, dill, pickled onion, and chervil (this was my favorite and was created based on the chef’s Nordic travel); air bread with Iberian ham; grilled brioche with truffled cheese; Parmesan ice cream sandwiches (!); and black currant profiteroles with yoghurt and something similar to, but more subtle than, anise.









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