I Need Bug Spray

Since I have been incommunicado for the last few days, I thought a quick post to update you on my whereabouts might be a good idea. We left the Sahara and headed south to Todra Gorge where we spent a day and two nights. The gorge was pretty, and unexpected, though not the greatest place I’ve ever been. Following our visit to the gorge, we headed west to the High Atlas Mountains, which I will write more about in the next post. I am now on the Atlantic coast in Essaouira.

On a general note, I have been disappointed with my time in Morocco so far, and will certainly never take a tour again. I have found it very difficult to engage and understand the culture when traveling with so many others and I have not had enough time on my own to explore. We are herded between various shops and tourist attractions where the only goal is to sell us things that we do not want. Literally everywhere we have gone, including stops on the side of the road for a photo during long drives, someone magically appears trying to sell you something. It can be anything from a sun hat to fresh grass stitched in the shape of an animal. And they won’t stop at “mosquitoes people are inherently similar to mosquitos – it doesn’t matter where you are, they find you, swarm, and try to take a bite. No matter how much you shoo them away or wave your arms to brush them off, they keep coming back.



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