Blue Skies and High Tide

Yesterday, despite my lack of voice, I made my first trip to Venice proper, a ten minute bus ride from my house. I had been to Venice once before, but just for a day, about eight years ago. On that visit, I wasn’t crazy about the touristy nature of the city, but yesterday it had a different feel, perhaps because I was there with a local. Having someone show you how to avoid the crowds by taking the backstreets and point out the markets and cafes visited by locals, makes Venice more tangible as a city. After all, although it is not a huge number, 60,000 people do live there.

Despite the fact that I have been under the weather since I arrived in Italy, the weather itself has been amazing. Every day we have had clear blue skies and perfect autumn temperatures – crisp but not cold. I think this must be the perfect time to see Venice. Here are some shots from yesterday, nothing particularly interesting but nice to look at anyway.

High tide:


Peperoncino Piccante:


And the most important part of the day (this time, I tried the trendy “marocchino,” espresso with foamed milk, and unsweetened cocoa powder, along with a bussalao buranelli, a type of cookie):




Hopefully by the next post my voice will have resurfaced. This is no fun and I am convinced that my taste buds are less sharp.


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