A Saucy Affair

I learned how to make an interesting green sauce yesterday. I don’t know what it is called, or if it has a name, but it is basically a blend of parsley, capers, a hardboiled egg, lemon juice, and olive oil. It is supposed to be a condiment for meat, but I really liked dipping my bread in it.

The green sauce is very easy to make. First, chop parsley and capers so that they are in very tiny pieces. I am sorry I don’t have the measurements for any ingredients in general. As I mentioned in a previous post, Italian home cooking is more art than science so you have to go by taste, look, and feel. Basically, if it tastes good, it is fine. In this instance, I think there was about an equal amount of parsley and capers volume-wise, although capers are obviously more dense.


Then, mash a hardboiled egg with a fork so that it is as finely chopped as the first two ingredients.


Mix the egg, parsley, and capers in a bowl and top with fresh lemon juice.


Finally, add olive oil so that the other ingredients are completely submerged in it. Afterwards, you can adjust the flavor, depending on the strength of the olive oil, by adding lemon juice if you want.



Lunch is served.



7 thoughts on “A Saucy Affair

  1. Lacey, this ‘sauce’ is called Salsa Verde – a very well known and delicious accompaniment. It often calls for the addition of anchovies, which I always leave out – while I am surprised to see left out in a venetian kitchen where the addition of fish seems automatic, I’ll bet was delicious. Made in Italy with lovely fresh ingredients… yum!

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