Hot Tip!

If you missed the boat on gold, not to fear, there’s another, similarly colored, commodity for you. And this one is safe: Parmesan cheese. No kidding, some Italians invest in rounds of Parmesan and some banks in Italy even accept it as collateral for loans. Click here or here for more details. Who knew cheese could fill your wallet while also filling your arteries? I’m certainly busy with the the latter; for example, tonight’s dinner included the following.


(burrata cheese, in case you were wondering)

I have had a fairly uneventful few days; just the usual — sunsets in Venice, day tripping to Verona, eating.





I know this post is a bit sparse. In Italy, shops are closed on Monday mornings and reopen for the week at 3:30 p.m. In other words, the week starts off slowly here, and I’m starting to adapt to my surroundings. More next time, hopefully tomorrow. Ciao.


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