One Day, Two Classics

Yesterday, I finally crossed two classic Italian dishes off my must-eat-homemade-version-at-least-once list. Time is slipping away. This weekend I’m going to Naples, then coming home (i.e. Mestre) for four days, then away again for a few days, back home for one or two days, then I’m off. Leaving Italy until at least next summer, when I may make a return visit, although it will sadly be for a shorter period.

And now for the food…







Gnocchi with a tomato, capsicum, and onion sauce. I actually made that myself.

And for Dinner:

Some of this sausage


Cooked in a pot with pumpkin and onion


Resulting in this


Plus some rice


And of course some vegetable stock, added in batches and LOTS OF STIRRING


And finally some Parmesan cheese (more than in this photo)


Resulting in this


Pumpkin risotto (with some sausage, but easily without). I can take no credit for this meal, other than my small contribution to the rigorous stirring that is necessary to make risotto.

Someone told me that he gained five pounds just from reading this Blog. I am afraid consuming its content is going to do worse to me.


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