It’s Thanksgiving?

Other than with respect to some of its very fine dining restaurants, London is not exactly known for the quality of its food. Today, however, I found a new diamond in the rough called Rochelle Canteen. The canteen is owned by the catering company Arnold & Henderson and is located in a converted bike shed on old school grounds in Shoreditch that have been turned into artists’ studios. Originally the space was used for catering preparation, but lured by the delicious aroma of the food, artists began stopping in for lunch, and, eventually, it was turned into a restaurant. The menu is seasonal and changes daily.

For lunch I had a watercress, beetroot, caper, and goat cheese salad and ceps (mushrooms currently in season) on toast. This was no doubt one of the best non-Italian meals I have had in a while. The food was so fresh and flavorful, I almost forgot I was in London. If you come here, I highly recommend Rochelle Canteen and you should make a booking if possible. It is only open for lunch and informally for breakfast.



Tomorrow I go to Dinner By Heston. I have reserved all of my annual Thanksgiving calories for this meal (I am choosing to ignore the less than average fish and chips I had tonight; they weren’t good enough to count). Expect an extensive report.


2 thoughts on “It’s Thanksgiving?

  1. Best fish and chips in England – down by the beach at Dunwich in East Anglia. the fish is always the freshest. I would never buy it in London! Love the write-up for Rochelle though!

    • Honestly, I think the fish and chips poisoned me. I still feel unwell. Put a bit of a damper on tonight’s dinner sadly. Someone else told me same thing re fish and chips on coast.

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