I’m on a Boat

One of the best things we did in Kerala was spend a day and night on a houseboat exploring the backwaters. Kerala, a state in the southwest of India is a bit of a geographical phenomenon for its intricate inland network of lagoons, lakes, canals, and rivers running parallel to the Arabian Sea.

Obviously, seafood is a speciality of the backwaters (and Kerala generally — find a recipe for Kerala fish curry if you can), so it was a nice treat when we got to jump off the boat into a little shack and hand pick some humongous tiger prawns to be cooked for dinner that night.



And done…


I almost forgot. We also had fresh fish for lunch.


In order for you to understand what the backwaters look like, and what it is like to hang out on a houseboat in India (think hot and relaxed), here are a few photos. At sunset we also took a canoe ride into some of the canals off the main waterway where we were able to boat through villages and see the locals going about their evening business. There are no roads; just waterways. In a way, it is like Venice.




(these people were herding a mass of ducks to the chopping board)







3 thoughts on “I’m on a Boat

  1. Hooray, so glad to hear from you and see you are safe in India. Although some of your accomodations seem a bit harrowing. Love the houseboat and waterways. Very cool. Missing you. Happy Hannukah from the Schwartz’s.

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