A Return to the West

So, in the end, I had to flee India a week early. I had a great experience there but 31 days was more than enough for one go, and although I plan to go back, I need a break for a while. I was verging on the brink of agoraphobia (1.2 billion people can do that to you) when I booked a last minute ticket to London for the week (originally, the plan was to fly from Mumbai to Geneva to going skiing at Chamonix for a week; instead I will fly to Geneva from London). Anyway, I don’t have too much to report in the way of food, but my first stop from the airport on Sunday night was for a cheeseburger and it was fabulous.

Although London generally doesn’t have good coffee, there are a few gems, particularly Sensory Lab, which, of course, is owned by Australians. And what a pleasant post-India reminder of how good coffee can be.


Tonight I’m going to a restaurant launch, so I hope to retrieve some material for the Blog.


7 thoughts on “A Return to the West

  1. How long are you in London Lacey? I’ll be back down on Thursday if you are still around then. The cottage (and Litton, and the area generally) is gorgeous and I have a spare room so if you want to come and visit the Peak District before I leave in February, drop me a line. I totally sympathise with your need to flee India early: both times I’ve been to India I too have felt an intense desire to flee early – it is completely overwhelming in every way. But that sensation, on the drive home from the airport, when cars are driving in an orderly fashion down the road and there are no random animals wandering around in a suicidal fashion and everyone is not communicating via their horn – that surreal sense of space and cleanliness – can’t be beat. And you only get that after a month in India… hope you are well. xx

    • Hi Emma! I was there and left — currently in chamonix, France attempting to ski. I hope you are having a wonderful time and if I come back and am able to, I’d love to stop by! Will be in touch. I’m so backlogged on this blog!

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