Khmer Alaskan King Crab Curry

Cambodian, or Khmer, cuisine is, in many ways, similar to the food of Thailand (although it is generally not as spicy) and Vietnam (with whom it share a French colonial history). There is also a hint of Indian and Chinese influence throughout. I would say that I haven’t been overwhelmed by the food here — it is good, but I don’t think it is as exciting, spicy, or flavorful as Thai and Vietnamese food (the latter of which I can’t wait to put away in a week and a half). I’ve had trouble finding a meal to blog about, because while most things are good, I haven’t found them to great (or solidly horrible, which, of course, would also be worth a post).

When I was in France a couple of weeks ago, one of the group’s none-skiing past times was sampling different flavors of potato chips. Our favorite was definitely the “cheeseburger.” It tasted exactly like McDonalds pickles and ketchup. I have now found a chip that blows the cheeseburger out of the water. What this is doing in Cambodia, I have no idea.


Here are a couple of other snaps…





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