Rediscovering Tofu and Leafy Greens

Tonight, thanks to Alex’s careful review of ‘delicious’ magazine, we ventured to a vegetarian restaurant in Siem Reap (the launching point for Angkor Wat) called Chamkar. Dinner at Chamkar was the best meal I have had in Cambodia. We tried the signature dish ‘rediscovering tofu’ (I actually needed to rediscover it because I have lost interest in bean curd of late), which was tofu stuffed with fried pumpkin, curry paste, and toasted peanuts and served with an onion and green pepper chutney. It was very tasty.


However, I preferred the other dishes we tried, which were all fresh and leafy — a nice change from the endless curries and stir fries that tend to overwhelm the menus here. We had a vegetarian version of the Cambodian green mango salad, without fish sauce, but with toasted peanuts and fresh herbs.


Fresh spring rolls made with green mango, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, and herbs, served with a sweet coconut, peanut and chili sauce.


And finally, probably my favorite, a rice noodle salad made of wide rice noodles tossed with herbs, tomato, cucumber and lettuce in a sesame sauce.


Stay tuned for some pictures of Angkor Wat coming soon.


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