A Return to the West, Almost

I am nearing the end of my second day in Hong Kong and tomorrow morning head to Australia for a couple of weeks. Hong Kong is half East, half West and thanks to Anthea and Sam, I’ve been able to try some delicious dumplings and upscale Chinese food (more on these in another post if I have the time). However, no matter how good those meals were, none compare to breakfast — a reminder of the West and what is in store for me over the next two weeks (expect a lot of Melbourne food blogging; food there is some of the best in the world). Rye toast, cottage cheese, tomato, spring onions, etc….and a double macchiato. Oh, breakfast, how I’ve missed you.



If you’re in HK and need a Western breakfast fix, check out Classified Cafe. There are a few of them around.


1 thought on “A Return to the West, Almost

  1. Lacey, if you have time, it would be great to catch up. Either someplace delicious and new or just for a cup of tea and the last of the stollen, in Dorothy. Travel safely!

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