Dutch Masterpieces Part Twee

Again relying on Cushla’s ace recommendations, I sampled a couple more local specialties on my second and final day in Amsterdam. For lunch, I had a goat cheese (Dutch goat cheese is very good), honey, thyme, and pine nut sandwich on brown bread at one of Amsterdam’s best broodje (sandwich) shops — Singel 404. I highly recommend this if you visit.


Later, I met Cushla for an afternoon snack at Winkel (at the Noordermarkt), home of the most famous apple pie in Amsterdam. Not to be missed.


And finally, one last masterpiece to display before I wind up here:


Art or accident?


3 thoughts on “Dutch Masterpieces Part Twee

    • It as really good. It was more of a cake-y buttery crust. I’m sure it would have been some combo of flour, eggs, butter, sugar. It was a bit crispy on outside but still softish closer to the apple.

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