One Night in Bangkok

Yes, “One Night in Bangkok” is a song from the 80s. If you are looking for a laugh you may want to click here rather than read the rest of this post.

I arrived in Bangkok (in transit to Cambodia) this evening after 16 hours of travel. Going out wasn’t really an option so I took advantage of the Seamless Web equivalent of this city. While wholly unoriginal, I decided to order the two most typical Thai dishes ordered in the West (I made that statistic up), or at the very least, the two dishes most commonly ordered by me — pad Thai and spicy papaya salad. The photos are no good because I took them with my iPad (travel makes me lazy), but it was the best papaya salad and pad Thai that I have ever had.




I don’t have much more to say, but I’ve been so slack with the blogging that I figured I had to say something. I am traveling through South East Asia for the next 5 weeks, then Australia (home to some of the best, freshest food on the planet), and then to Japan, which speaks for itself. No doubt there is some good food on the way and many more posts to come.

Happy Australia Day (which is actually already over in Australia).


1 thought on “One Night in Bangkok

  1. Hi lacey, love to see your post again ……… have a nice trip to combodia.share some information about theroutes also, as I am planning to go there in the mid of this year. have a safe and sound journey ahead ……..

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